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NIV to be updated

Biblica, copyright holder and translation sponsor of the New International Version of the Bible, said it plans to release an updated version in 2011.

“As time passes and English changes, the NIV we have at present is becoming increasingly dated,” said Keith Danby, Biblica CEO. “If we want a Bible that English speakers around the world can understand, we have to listen to, and respect, the vocabulary they are using today.”

The NIV was created by the Committee on Biblical Translation, which began its work in 1965. Published by Zondervan, it has more than 300 million copies in print worldwide. Previous versions were published in 1978 and 1984.

A decade later, an updated version known as Today’s New International Version divided the evangelical community over its use of gender-inclusive language.

Douglas Moo, chair of the translation committee, said the new edition will include a “complete review of every gender-related change since the publication of the 1984 edition.” He said he is sure there will be pressure on translators to include or exclude certain language.

The new version is timed to be released for the 400th anniversary of the King James Version and will likely mean previous versions will be phased out.


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