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Because Nothing Looks Like God

Inquiring minds want to know, "What does God look like?" This is one of three questions that Lawrence and Karen Kushner tackle in Because Nothing Looks Like God (Jewish Lights Publishing, 2001).

The other questions are: "Where is God?" and "How does God make things happen?"

Not easy questions. But the Kushners answer them without talking down to children. In doing so they allow children to use their imagination to develop their own answers. For example, in response to "How does God make things happen," they reply: "With little hands, and big hands. With young hands and old hands, with your hands."

The art is colorful and bright. An effort was made to include people of different ethnic backgrounds. The style of the art varies throughout the book, which may be distracting to some readers. But the text is worth it. Reading this book with your child is a great way to explore how, where and in what way God is in our lives.


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