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A freestanding' synod?

With the 2009 Churchwide Assembly’s decisions on human sexuality (September, page 18), the ELCA has “fallen into heresy,” said Paull E. Spring, chair of Lutheran CORE (Coalition for Reform). The group planned to discuss becoming a “freestanding synod,” carrying out ministries apart from the ELCA, at a meeting scheduled Sept. 25-26 in Fishers, Ind. (after presstime). The group also may consider conversations with CORE member congregations and reform movements in the U.S. and Canada toward a possible reconfiguration “of North American Lutheranism.” Lutheran CORE is a coalition of pastors, laypeople, congregations and reform groups in the ELCA.




Posted at 1:30 am (U.S. Eastern) 10/6/2009

I disagree with Mr. Spring and believe that "with the 2009 Churchwide Assembly's decisions on human sexuality the ELCA" has risen above heresy and has looked deeper into the word of God in the Scriptures.  Homosexuality is one of several sexual issues in the Scriptures that we ignore or no longer practice.  For example, we now do not allow prostitution or polygamy or concubines things discussed in the Old Testament.  

We ignore Jesus and Paul on the matter of divorce.  Jesus tells us that for a man or woman to divorce and marry another is adultery.  Paul tells us bishops and deacons should only be married once.  We have pastors and other church leaders, including members of church councils, living in adulterous relationships and have been married more than once and we overlook it.

 For the ELCA to allow pastors, council members, and other leaders who have been divorced and remarried and to perform ceremonies for second or subsequent marries and to not allow homosexuals to be pastors or perform "commitment ceremonies" for homosexuals is hypocrisy. The ELCA has taken a step away from the hypocrisy.

There are a half-dozen verses regarding homosexuality and to focus only on these an ignore the deeper message of love for God and neighbor of Jesus and Paul is the heresy. What the ELCA has done is to affirm the message from the Holy Scriptures and I stand as proud to be a part of the ELCA. 



Posted at 5:24 am (U.S. Eastern) 10/19/2009

Bishop Paull Spring was absolutely correct.  The ELCA has indeed fallen into heresy.  It has disregraded the clear witness of the Holy Scriptures in order to take up a new "social gospel," so that decisions can be made based on how people feel.  For some, the ordination of practicing homosexuals "feels" right.  For many others, holding fast to God's Word (no matter how painful) is the only option for Christians.

The ELCA has rejected the Holy Scriptures, the Lutheran Confessions, and its own Constitution (2.03), and now finds itself mired in apostasy.  In making room for the blessing of PALM same-gendered relationships and ordination of the same, the ELCA has become a splinter from the one holy, catholic and apostolic church.

As the faithful look to protest this state of apostasy, they are encouraged and strengthened by the witness of the Holy Scriptures, by theLutheran Confessions and by the faith and witness of our forbears-- for the sake of our children's children.


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