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Work of the church hasn't stopped

Think what you will of the recently concluded Churchwide Assembly, the weeks since certainly produced a torrent of comments about the ELCA — by members and the general public alike.

Take a look at the Internet home page of The Lutheran. The magazine permits commenting on articles. Not visible are the letters and e-mails to the magazine as well as to officeholders of the ELCA.

If that isn’t enough, news and blog alerts offered by Internet firms continue to crank out a dozen-plus postings daily about the church. Not surprisingly, the secular media and social commentators continue to zero in on the sexuality decisions.

It’s time to move a distance from the assembly. That’s what we’ve done in this issue, save the letters to the editor (page 52). From our cover story on forgiveness (page 22) to “Lutherland” today (page 30) and how to reach people not interested in Sunday worship (page 20), the work and life of the church — from congregations to synods to the churchwide offices — goes on. Our hands are still busy at the work of God. The magazine will jump back into the ramifications of the assembly votes in the months ahead.

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