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Adopting a cause

For two youth groups, the word adoption takes on a new meaning. They "adopt" a cause to help people with special needs.

Youth at St. Matthew Lutheran Church, Crafton, Pa., have adopted families for 13 years to give them a nice Christmas.

Last year they raised more than $5,000 for a family of five in which three members have cancer. The money helped pay medical expenses and bought Christmas gifts.

The group also made arrangements with the Pittsburgh Penguins to chauffeur the family to dinner and the hockey game, where they received treats and met the players.

Since Christmas they've raised an additional $800 for this ongoing program.

At Grace Lutheran Church, Thiensville, Wis., the youth adopted an orphanage in Novosibirsk, Russia, that houses 100 babies and toddlers. The youth collected such items as shampoo, lotion, soap, clothing, formula, cereal, blankets, towels and toys. In addition, they sent $320.

Wendy Geiger, a member who has adopted three children from the orphanage, delivered the items. She said the need for support was appreciated because the Russian government can only provide about 70 cents per day for each child.


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