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Disabilities do not inhibit us

7/20/2009 and 7/22/2009
Disabilities do not inhibit us

Carolyne and Karen Maulen, Grace, Yorktown Heights, N.Y.

At DAYLE — the Definitely Abled Youth Leadership Event — participants all maintain some form of disability, but that doesn’t inhibit them at all. Our theme is “Hope,” with the ichthus (Greek for fish) representing the “O” in “hope.”

Opening worship included a wonderful sermon by Sarah Flatt (outgoing chair of the Definitely Abled Advisory Committee). She preached about Mary’s experience at the empty tomb—her physical 180-degree turnaround to see who (Jesus) was speaking to her, as well as her turnaround in faith. Flatt said Jesus is calling each of us by name to turn around, see him and increase our faith.

josh miller<BR><BR> At the Definitely
At the Definitely Abled Youth Leadership Event, youth got an early preview of the Superdome facilities. “A big part of this time is so they feel safe,” said Heidi Hagstrom, director for the ELCA Youth Gathering.
For our DAYLE servant event, participants packed about 500 “goodie” bags for half-marathon runners in a fall 2009 marathon to benefit a New Orleans children’s hospital.

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