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Chaplain returning home asks ELCA for replacements

Griffith thanks the ELCA for support and prayers

Navy chaplain Harry W. Griffith received an extended ovation of gratitude from the assembly and made a plea for more chaplains.

elca news serviceGriffith thanked the ELCA for support and prayers, saying that when he was asked what supplies were needed, he would say, “Nothing really … we had 12 varieties of ready-to-eat meals,” the resource Sundays and Seasons from which to plan and shape worship, and “one day, I received 3,000 cases of Girl Scout cookies.”

While he didn’t discourage sending care packages to soldiers, he also urged support for returning veterans, those stateside and military families.

Griffith told the assembly he is ready to retire: “After 30 years, eight deployments and 1,620 days away from home, my ‘honey-do’ list is extensive.”

As he returns to his family, he sought replacements, asking pastors to serve as chaplains and congregations to let their pastors serve. He outlined the sorrow and joy they’d experience as a military chaplain to “prodigal sons and daughters longing for grace.”




Posted at 3:50 pm (U.S. Eastern) 9/6/2009

I went to college with Harry and wondered what he's been up to lately.  I have fond memories or our friendship at Calif. Lutheran College (now University).

Frank Maxim

Frank Maxim

Posted at 11:37 pm (U.S. Eastern) 9/6/2009

I am also classmate of Harry and the quotes in this article are definitely Harry. He's a great guy serving our country with his faith. Thanks for sharing this important story about our troops and what they need.

Elizabeth Stapleton

Elizabeth Stapleton

Posted at 2:12 pm (U.S. Eastern) 10/26/2009

I had the honor to serve with Harry during our tour of duty at Diego Garcia.  Harry is an role model for military officers, chaplains, and christians.  Harry is a devoted husband, father and friend.  Welcome home Chaplain.

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