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Book of Faith: 1,000 congregations are 'official'

Four years later, the idea has grown into a commitment

Four years ago at the Orlando assembly, the Book of Faith proposal was just an idea — but it’s an idea that captured our imagination,” said Diane L. Jacobson, Old Testament professor at Luther Seminary, St. Paul, Minn., who directs the initiative.

captionSince its adoption by the 2007 Churchwide Assembly, the idea has become a commitment that ELCA members re-engage themselves with God’s word and become fluent in the language of faith through reading and studying the Bible.

“As we encounter God’s word, something happens to us,” she told the assembly before beginning a Bible study on the Prodigal Son. “We experience God’s promises. The Bible delivers Christ to us, so alive we’re transformed.”

Jacobson said there are now 1,000 “official” Book of Faith congregations and 2,386 people are talking to each other about Scripture at “Join the Conversation” (at the Book of Faith Web site). Volunteer advocates also are at work in synods.

“Everywhere I go,” she added, “I find people ashamed of what they don’t know. So people stay away from Bible study in droves. Here’s our chance to name the shame and get past it. Let the word grow among us."


Chris Cloutier

Chris Cloutier

Posted at 7:48 pm (U.S. Eastern) 1/26/2010

Why was it necessary for the churchwide assembly to adopt a policy of reading the bible? Aren't the Lutheran churches already holding bible studies and teaching from the bible? The article proudly states "there are now 1,000 official congregations participating".  It also mentions that the idea has grown into a committment. Well I'm glad to see that at least a 1,000 congregations are committed to reading the bible maybe if all of the ELCA Lutheran churches were committed to reading the bible they wouldn't have voted to allow homosexuals to be pastors.

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