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Assembly acts on memorials from ELCA synods

Topics include mentoring, immigration, worship materials, LDR, the Middle East and health-care reform

Synod assemblies this spring sent 144 resolutions to the Churchwide Assembly, all of which “ask the church to do something,” said Phyllis L. Wallace, co-chair with John C. Richter of the memorials committee, which recommended actions.

Steven R. Frock (left), Western Iowa
Steven R. Frock (left), Western Iowa Synod, waits at a microphone.
While most were approved without discussion, the assembly acted on several individually:

Multicultural leadership mentoring

Affirmed (913-19) a call to recognize the impact of Fullness of Leadership: Project Connect, a mentoring program for minority students at Philadelphia, Gettysburg (Pa.) and Southern (Columbia, S.C.) seminaries, and to consider it a model for use to strengthen the impact of anti-racism throughout the ELCA.

Immigration reform

Urged (870-67 ) a comprehensive reform of U.S. immigration policies and processes and called for suspension of immigration raids until reform is enacted. Bishop Steven L. Ullestad, Northeastern Iowa Synod, spoke in support of the suspension, telling of the impact of the May 2008 U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement raid in Postville, Iowa. He said “hundreds still are stranded without any means of support” in his hometown.

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