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Diversity in the ELCA

Welcome needs to be intentional

Thank you for articles about diversity (July, page 18), for lifting up the need to be intentional about welcoming people from all corners of God’s creation into worship and fellowship. As a white person, I no longer feel comfortable in worship settings where everyone looks like me. And as a married heterosexual, I no longer feel comfortable in settings where everyone is expected to be like me. The church should realize there are congregations where “normalcy” has a very wide definition.

Carolyn Riehl

New York, N.Y.

A gospel focus

I’m a Canadian Lutheran. Re. your articles on multiculturalism, I find that when you care about people, color and culture are less a barrier than a source of enjoyment. The gospel keeps our focus: Christ died once and for all.

Dan Haugen

Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada

Source of info

I’ve come to realize how much national and international religious news comes to me from The Lutheran. You are my primary source of that, and it’s presented in such a positive way. Thanks.

Wilbur Dasenbrock

Lincoln, Neb.

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Embracing diversity