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Back to school, back to good news

My husband and I are pastors, so our kids are pretty “churched.” One Sunday afternoon as my husband was driving our son to an event, he asked what they had learned in Sunday school that day. Dante, our 3 1/2-year-old—in a “you-won’t-believe-how-great-this-is” voice—said, “We learned about Jesus ... AGAIN!”

“While I appreciate the enthusiasm,
“While I appreciate the enthusiasm, I ask the children to refrain from cutting in line during communion.”
Wendolyn Trozzo

Chatham, N.J.

Just plain lazy?

Emanuel Lutheran Church, Logan, Ohio, decided to let the children turn over the soil at our groundbreaking for a building addition. In the children’s sermon the pastor wanted to emphasize to the kids that they are the future of the church, so she asked, “Why do you think we want you to turn over the dirt?” One youth replied: “Because you guys don’t want to.”

Karen Stephenson

Logan, Ohio

More pastor slips

At Redeemer Lutheran Church, Estherville, Iowa, I began worship vaguely aware that my slip wasn’t around my waist. As we started to sing the opening hymn, my slip literally slipped to my ankles. The dilemma: to step out of the contraption that was now dragging on the floor or make a hasty departure and hope no one notices. I “slipped” out the side door, removed it, re-entered, smiled and stepped up to the altar. After worship I quietly asked one of the women how noticeable my slipping slip had been. Her kind reply: “What slip, Pastor?”

“And thanks to a very enthusiastic
“And thanks to a very enthusiastic Anne Roberts for polishing the pews.”
Linda Kersten

Cherry Valley, Ill.

Even though I was sharing the pastor’s pew with a male assisting minister, I took advantage of being partly concealed by the pulpit to reach though the back of my alb to hike up my falling panty hose. Despite my best efforts, the hose had reached my knees by the recessional, causing me to waddle down the aisle. Several months later during a Christmas party the faces of members were filled with anticipation as they encouraged me to open a small package first. Five pairs of black panty hose tumbled out.

Janice L. Larson

Havelock, N.C.

Tough review

Following worship at a nursing home, I gathered up my things as residents slowly left. A staff member leaned over to one resident as she wheeled her out and asked, “Now what did Pastor Fadness say?” The resident replied, “God only knows!”

Arley K. Fadness

Custer, S.D.


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