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My daugher is in the 'tweenage gap'

Q: My 10-year-old daughter says she’s too old for Sunday school with the elementary kids, but she’s still too young for youth group with the middle-school students. I’m afraid she’s falling through the cracks at my church. What should I do?

Parents are key in helping children
Parents are key in helping children develop courage and self-confidence
A: Your daughter isn’t alone — lots of kids her age feel the same way. That’s why many congregations nationwide have started intermediate programs for kids who are in the fourth through sixth grades.

If your church doesn’t have activities for “tweenagers,” it may be time to bring this up with your youth minister or pastor. If there aren’t enough kids in your congregation to begin a group, consider ways you can team up on activities and service projects with other churches or organizations in your community.




Posted at 10:42 am (U.S. Eastern) 9/14/2009

I am the Sunday school coordinator for a small church.  I too see children 4th through 6th grade finding it difficult to "fit" in at the church. We are trying to create programs for them but some don't know basic bible stories yet. Any ideas to help teach these kids basic stories and make it interesting, while still giving them a reason to come to Sunday school?  WE are struggling trying to compete with local sports programs which hold their games on Sunday morning as well as the video tech world. We don't have the resources to aquire computers and programs to teach the bible which I see is something many churches are doing now.



Posted at 2:27 am (U.S. Eastern) 9/17/2009

To Denise - how about getting a music program going for kids that age. Chimes and/or singing; they could contribute to worship. A ministry to children that also gives them a chance to serve.

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