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In God we trust'—an offense?

Congress voted earlier this year to have engravers add “In God we trust” and “One nation under God” to the $621-million Capitol Visitor Center in Washington, D.C., which opened in December. The Freedom From Religion Foundation, based in Wisconsin, filed a federal lawsuit to stop the work. The church-state watchdog group claimed the words would be a government endorsement of religion and exclude the 15 percent of Americans who identify themselves as nonreligious.


Stephen Miller

Stephen Miller

Posted at 7:56 pm (U.S. Eastern) 9/14/2009

I don't see a problem here.  As stated, only 15% identify themselves as nonreligious.  There is no reason to oblige a small minority who will never even set foot in the Capitol Visitor Center.

Not to mention that the whole premise the FFRF bases their arguments on, the "Separation of Church and State", is not even mentioned in the Constitution.  They just have all the politically correct wimps in this country buffaloed.



Posted at 2:21 pm (U.S. Eastern) 9/15/2009

Appreciate the words while you can. Some day in the not too distant future  I fear that in our surrender to "multiculturism" these words will have to go., in order to try to please everyone.

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