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Noko: New level of reconciliation with Mennonites

At the Mennonite World Conference in July in Paraguay, Lutheran World Federation General Secretary Ishmael Noko told delegates that Lutherans “desire this new level of reconciliation” and “are already living out” unity in Christ, despite the painful history of 16th-century Lutheran condemnations of Anabaptists.

Those condemnations “on our side alone,” Noko said, contributed to justification of violent persecution and killings of Anabaptists.

Incoming MWC President Danisa Ndlovu told Noko that walls were “coming down,” and pledged the Mennonites to walk with Lutherans addressing that difficult history.

While celebrating 500 years of Reformation at the upcoming Martin Luther 2017 anniversary, Noko said Lutherans also want “a spirit of honesty and repentance, a commitment to the continuing reformation of our tradition and of the whole church.”


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