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The way we were: 1949

Confirmation class of 1949

Sixty years ago, 11 young people were the first to be confirmed at Silverdale [Wash.] Lutheran Church. Pictured are: Geraldine (Maryott) Fairfield, Delores (Johnson) Helstrom, Viola Maryott, Ruth (Myrwang) Dahl, Bonnie (Olen) Loop, J.H. Myrwang, Ronald Harrison (pastor), Gerald Hermanson, Cecil Olen, Theodore Fosberg, Harold Dahl and Louis Russel Fairfield.

On Pentecost Sunday 2009, four members of this 1949 class-Harold Dahl, Helstrom, Fosberg and Louis Fairfield-attended a confirmation service for 13 youth at Silverdale Lutheran.

Many congregations today ask, "Where have all our confirmands gone?" said Harold Dahl, still a member of Silverdale, and a Sunday school teacher for more than 30 years. On Pentecost Sunday 2009, he said, "We were able to say, ‘We're right here.'"




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