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Weaving her future

Woman with autism creates new pattern

Most everyone participates in an activity that keeps them calm and centered, including yoga, listening to music or praying.

Kristin Kilmark creates jute and hemp
Kristin Kilmark creates jute and hemp trivets — and awareness of living with autism.
Weaving is Kristin Kilmark’s choice of calming activity. As a young adult with autism — a central nervous system disability that affects social and sensory processing — and with cognitive disabilities, Kilmark finds that the craft work soothes her to external distractions, keeping her anchored in the world.

It’s also become a small business, Kristin’s Creations. Through her Web site

“I take [my weaving] everywhere,” said the member of St. Stephen Lutheran Church, Monona, Wis. “I have it with me when I’m at church, in the back.”

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