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Now what? Introducing my preschooler to the Bible

My preschooler is starting to sound out simple words as he learns how to read

Q: My preschooler is starting to sound out simple words as he learns how to read. What can I do to help him develop a habit of picking up the Bible?

photodiscA: One of the best things parents can do from the start is to show their young children that it’s fun to read the Bible.

If your child sees you engaged in a Bible story, they’ll grow up with the concept that these stories are interesting and fun to read. Children’s Bibles with colorful and engaging illustrations are perfect for pre-readers such as your son.

Other resources, such as The Little Lutheran, also help your child grow in faith as he learns more about the ongoing story of God’s love.


John Dornheim

John Dornheim

Posted at 6:47 pm (U.S. Eastern) 8/18/2009

I think that children's bibles need to be critically examined. They might put spin on stories that you'd rather not have your child learn.

There is also Bible software/games which are good. Again, try to check them out first.

Stephen Miller

Stephen Miller

Posted at 5:34 pm (U.S. Eastern) 8/21/2009

How are you going to teach that the Bible is God's Word, when your homosexual Lutheran pastor tells your child that homosexuality is normal and good and the Bible is wrong??

 What else in the Bible is WRONG?  (Oh, Jesus didn't really die on the cross for us, that's just symbolic.  Oh, there aren't really ten commandments, that's just a myth.)  Where does denying the Bible end with this "church"?

Satan has won in the Lutheran "church".  I'm ashamed.

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