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Divvying up the days

With the school year upon us, help kids prioritize time

Kids are on the go more than ever. Sports leagues have out-of-town weekend games and other activities — ranging from the high school drama club to the middle school cheerleading squad — that require hours of after-school practices.

michael d. watsonFor families who want to nurture their children’s connections to church, it’s not always easy to strike a balance between extracurricular pursuits and faith formation. Decisions about whether to try out for the swim team or continue on with confirmation class are the type of dilemmas many of today’s families within our congregations face.

“There are so many choices out there that pull on how families use their time,” said Tom Hoegel, youth director for the past 25 years at Bethel Lutheran Church, Cupertino, Calif. “It’s hard to decide, and it’s important for parents to acknowledge that with their kids. It’s also important to help them understand that they don’t need to do everything all at once.”

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