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50 Ways to Help Save the Earth

How You and Your Church Can Make a Difference

Rebecca Barnes-Davies, a consultant for Environmental and Social Justice Ministries, believes Christians are called to honor God’s creation and to work to prevent its destruction.

50 Ways to Help Save the Earth This user-friendly paperback presents 50 ways that Christians can fight global climate change and take seriously their calling to be good stewards of the Earth. The book is divided into sections on energy, food and agriculture, transportation, water, people, other species, wilderness and land.

Best of all, Barnes-Davies sprinkles sections called “Walking the Talk” throughout the chapters. These profile congregations with innovative programs that spur members to do their part in caring for the Earth. Examples are a tending-the-garden ministry, a congregation protecting biodiversity, and one that has converted to 100 percent renewable energy (Westminster John Knox Press, 2009).


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