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Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

Light and lively animated feature shows positive images of love, respect and courage

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs is a light, lively and appealing 3-D animated feature about an extended family of animal friends who go through some major changes together. Following in the spirit and comic tradition of Ice Age and Ice Age: The Meltdown, this family film is character-based and filled with positive images of love, respect and courage.

Looking into a chasm they must cross,
Looking into a chasm they must cross, the animal friends worry about what’s ahead for them.
Mammoths Manny and Ellie are excited about having a baby. But their tiger buddy, Diego, thinks this means he should move on. Sid, the sloth, also feels left out until he finds three enormous eggs in a cave. When they hatch, his nurturing instincts come to the fore, and he proudly introduces the hatchlings as his children. But their real mother, a gigantic dinosaur, appears and takes them back. Sid refuses to leave the kids and follows along.

Ellie convinces Manny and Diego to join her in a search for Sid. This leads them into a strange underground realm of dinosaurs and other weird creatures. There they encounter Buck, a Crocodile Dundee-like character, who serves as their guide. Manny and his friends band together to accomplish what they couldn’t do on their own. And when it’s time for Ellie to give birth, there is a special place for Sid and Diego, who no longer feel left out (Twentieth Century Fox, PG).


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