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ELCA on record for gun control

The 1993 Churchwide Assembly adopted a resolution on community violence calling for:

"Passage and strict enforcement of local, state and national legislation that rigidly controls manufacture, importation, exportation, sale, purchase, transfer, receipt, possession and transportation of handguns, assault weapons and assault-like weapons and their parts, excluding rifles and shotguns used for hunting and sporting purposes, for use other than law enforcement and military purposes."

A Message on Community Violence from the ELCA Church Council in 1994 includes these statements:

"In service of its commitment to counter violence, the ELCA ... also advocates in favor of gun control ....

"As we move toward a more comprehensive address of community violence, we join with other religious communities in anti-violence initiatives that:

• "Offer vital spiritual and moral resources for replacing fear and violence with hope and reconciliation in our homes, communities and nation.

"Stem the proliferation of guns in our streets, schools and homes.

"Counter the 'culture of violence' that pervades our national culture and media.

"Build strong anti-violence coalitions in our neighborhoods and communities.

"Develop peer mediation skills in the schools.

"Protect our youth from the epidemic of violence through equitable law enforcements, and the promotion of education, social program, anti-drug programs and real job opportunities."


Straight Shooter

Straight Shooter

Posted at 5:35 pm (U.S. Eastern) 11/9/2009

Of course, since criminals/terrorists could care less about "laws" (by definition), all the Marxist gun-control that the ELCA supports will do nothing but make the average Lutheran a target for terrorists and miscreants that will rape, rob and plunder them. And why on earth would the ELCA want to recognize what I am certain Martin Luther would recognize . . . that gun-control is NOT acceptable from a Biblical perspective:


Jim R.

Jim R.

Posted at 12:04 pm (U.S. Eastern) 11/26/2009

Curious as to where the Scriptural support for gun control is drawn from?



Posted at 12:28 pm (U.S. Eastern) 2/11/2010

This policy makes me embarrassed to be a member of the ELCA, and proves to me this organization is neither grounded in the Scripture for this issue nor grounded in practical reality.

 I encourage everyone to to go corneredcat.com and read the article present, and the rest of them in the "Ethical Questions" section, under "Next Steps" on that page.

Ron Heginbotham

Ron Heginbotham

Posted at 8:39 pm (U.S. Eastern) 5/4/2014

My friend was shot in the face and died in her Baptist Church....11 others died at the hand of the shooter within ten minutes elsewhere in the church. He had an automatic assault weapon. Thank God my ELCA supports gun control.

Note: Ron Heginbotham edited this post at 8:40 pm on 5/4/2014.

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