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Our interreligious involvement

Notes from the field show great commitment, rapid progress

Early one morning last summer I checked my voice mail, like most mornings, to start the day. There was an anonymous message from a young Muslim who said he had viewed the ELCA Mosaic film, Understanding Islam: “I’m calling to express my true thanks and relief with how you Lutherans take the time to be aware of my beliefs. In the video I was happy to see a genuine reflection of my faith through your eyes. Thank you for this welcomed gift to me, a Muslim man in a country that doesn’t always understand what that means.”

Photo by Michael D. Watson
Sara Spoonheim (center) of Faith in Place visits Orrin Williams and Rashmi Ramiswamy at Growing Home. "It's a resource we share with congregations that want to grow food near their houses of worship," said Spoonheim about the urban farm/job center. Read more...
The ELCA is evolving as a church with growing awareness of its interreligious neighbor. This evolution has sped up considerably this year and involves multiple ELCA churchwide units.

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