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Godparents via Skype

Katie and John Gamero, Phoenix, couldn’t be at Living Word Lutheran Church, Roslyn, Pa., when their godson Carter Shannon was baptized in June. But they were present in more than spirit — they attended via Skype, a videoconferencing technology.

Life circumstances don’t always allow people to be present at certain events, said Michael D. Gutzler, pastor, and “Skype helps families do what they could not do before.”

He said it’s the first time he’s heard of godparents/sponsors being present via Skype.


Ingrid Compton

Ingrid Compton

Posted at 7:24 am (U.S. Eastern) 8/19/2009

I think it's grest to get the person you feel is best to be your child's god parient instead of just choosing just any one because that person is readily available in your church. God parents should be very important in helping to nurture and encourage a child spiritually.  

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