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Now what? Should we insist our kids sit with us at worship?

My children want to be with their friends

Q: My children are getting older and want to be with their friends during worship. Shouldn’t we sit together as a family when we’re at church?

mother and two childrenA: Worshiping together goes beyond sitting in the same pew. When you give your children opportunities to sit with their friends, you reinforce the message that worship is a gift we share in community with others — not just those within our family.

Kids who worship side by side with their youth group peers or Sunday school buddies often build closer connections. Ultimately, this can help your children become more comfortable with other aspects of life in community, such as praying together, sharing questions and encouraging others through difficult times.




Posted at 11:48 am (U.S. Eastern) 7/23/2009

When my children were very young, they did sit with Mom and Dad on the main floor  After a while they wanted to sit in the balcony with their friends.  Their excuse for this was no one wanted to be next to Mom when she sang.  Yep, my voice was, and  still is, that bad. 

Kent Krumwiede

Kent Krumwiede

Posted at 9:02 pm (U.S. Eastern) 7/29/2009

I must agree that friends can foster the concept of relationship that is part and parcel of the church community. When older children are allowed to worship with friends perhaps they will not come to see "church" as something they were forced to "do." Perhaps they will see it as the place they have friends. They may find it easier to express their faith outside of the church building in their community in the presence of supportive friends with whom they worship. If they are at ease in worship they might feel at ease in their daily life in the world where mission takes place. Thus when we allow them to go out into the congregation we may foster encouragement to go out into the world.

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