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Family values

Editorial sparks wide range of reader reactions

The editorial "Family values on the skids" (November, page 58) is disturbing. It's incomprehensible to me that the editor of a Lutheran publication should admit he is "confused about 'family values.' " If there is one thing a leading Lutheran educator should be unequivocal about, it is the meaning of family and the value of family to our society. On further reading, the editor reveals his hidden agenda: He repeats the administration's misleading descriptions of the majority efforts to restore fiscal responsibility to our government.
H.H. Schreiber
Melbourne, Fla.

Your latest editorial was straight out of the Democratic National Committee's game plan book. After 40-plus years of buying votes with $3 trillion of your new grandchild's money we have more poor than before. We have made millions of basket cases of dependency and ignorance. For the record, Republicans are not cutting welfare (too bad). They're cutting the rate of increase of welfare.
Norma Buescher
Pigeon Forge, Tenn.

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