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Nico & Lola

What does it mean to "be so kind"?

Meggan Hill and Susan M. Graunke are the authors of Nico & Lola, a delightful children’s book for ages 2 to 11. They grew up surrounded by animals and know how caring for a pet can teach children values they will use for a lifetime.

caption Young Nico is asked by his Aunt Sue if he would be so kind as to take care of her dog, Lola, over the weekend. He starts thinking about what “being so kind” would mean.

The authors have organized the book around color photographs of Nico and Lola doing things together, which all illustrate a different aspect of kindness, such as showing concern for others, setting a good example, remembering your manners, being a good listener, helping others in need, taking turns and treating others the way you want to be treated.

This is a fine teaching tool for young children—and adults will find it has some gentle reminders for them as well (Genuine Prints LLC).


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