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Film celebrates cross-generational friendship

Carl realizes he’s in trouble: Young
Carl realizes he’s in trouble: Young Russell is a stowaway on the balloon ride.

Pete Docter directs Up, a wonderful 3-D animated movie about the cross-generational friendship between a 78-year-old former balloon salesman named Carl (voiced by Ed Asner) and a pudgy 8-year-old Junior Wilderness Explorer named Russell (voiced by Jordan Nagai).

Carl has been offered a lot of money to sell his house, which is in the middle of a city development. But he can’t bear to give up the place he shared for many years with the love of his life, Emily, who has died.

When it looks like he’s going to be forced to move to a nursing home, Carl decides to fulfill Emily’s lifelong dream of escaping to Paradise Falls in South America to live overlooking a beautiful waterfall. Soon his house is flying under hundreds of helium balloons. The crusty old man and the curious boy begin their spiritual journey together, where they learn about adventure, animals and the pleasures of helping out those in dire straits (Buena Vista, PG).


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