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'The best-kept secret in the ELCA'

In Atlanta, ELCA seminarians are immersed in an African-American context

Last January, Lutherans gathered with people from a variety of faith traditions at Morehouse College, Atlanta, the only all-male traditionally African-American institution of higher learning in the U.S., for a Martin Luther King Jr. celebration. The event brought together people of all ethnic and faith backgrounds — including Lutherans — to reflect on King’s dream.

Robin Shipp (left), a former member
Robin Shipp (left), a former member of the Georgia House of Representatives, meets with ELCA seminarians Michael Beery and Lisa Beery from Lutheran Southern Seminary, Columbia, S.C., and former Lutheran Theological Center in Atlanta director Lawrence Clark. Shipp told the group that new prisons are built based on third-grade math and reading scores.
It’s the kind of event that furthers the mission of the Lutheran Theological Center in Atlanta. Lawrence Clark, who served as LTCA director for three years, attended the celebration with 10 Lutheran seminarians.

Begun in 1987, LTCA is designed to offer students from the eight ELCA seminaries unique experiences of urban and multicultural ministry — within a Lutheran theological context.

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