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Doctor shot at ELCA church in Kansas

In the days following Pentecost Sunday, Reformation Lutheran Church, Wichita, Kan., surrounded the family of George Tiller, 67, who was shot and killed in the narthex before worship. Tiller, who was an usher that day, was one of a few doctors who perform late-term abortions in this country.

Tiller’s wife, Jeanne, was in the church basement with the choir when Scott P. Roeder, 51, allegedly shot and killed Tiller. Roeder was charged with murder as well as aggravated assault toward two ushers who tried to apprehend him.

Family and friends gathered at Reformation the night of the shooting, where the message was “love is stronger than hate,” said Lowell Michelson, a pastor of Reformation.

Both Tiller and the Women’s Health Care Services where he worked have long been the focus of protests by abortion opponents. He was shot and wounded in both arms in 1993. The clinic was bombed in 1986 and had been vandalized days before the May 31 shooting.

Michelson and associate pastor Kristin Neitzel posted a statement on the church’s Web site: “Our congregation strives to be a safe place for all people. We deplore the violence that took place within the walls of our church. Further, we reject any notion that violence against another human being is an acceptable way to resolve differences over any issue. We must always strive to engage in peaceful discussion. Our faith calls us to this. Our humanity demands it.”


C. Kangas

C. Kangas

Posted at 4:02 pm (U.S. Eastern) 6/24/2009

I remember when Jeffrey Dahmer was murdered. There was no outpouring of love. There were no condolences to his relatives. The only thing heard was contempt for the dead. George Tiller claimed to have killed more than 60,000 babies. Those who support abortion should take note: Life is precious and a gift from God. We are not immortal, and when we die, we will have to explain our actions to the almighty creator of the universe. He is not going to accept the little lies we tell to justify our actions. Shame on the ELCA for welcoming that baby butcher into the fold and not calling him to repentance. He was expelled from his former LCMS church because he wouldn't cease his grisly profession. Pastor Neitzel deplores the violence that took place in the church. What about the violence that took place on a daily basis in Tiller's clinic? The man even had his own crematorium. He was running his own Auschwitz. Political correctness has destroyed this denomination.

R. Winkleman

R. Winkleman

Posted at 10:39 pm (U.S. Eastern) 6/24/2009

As a soldier I and others in the military have endured the wrath and abandonment by ELCA leaders such as the former editor of the Lutheran and the Bishops for years. While I would never support the actions of some of my fellow military, we were painted out to be less than human because of Abu Grahib and Guantanamo. Recently I had the misfortune of hearing an ELCA Pator with tears in his eyes ask how America could just stand by and let alleged touture take place and do nothing about it. It is a proven fact that far more late term abortions on demand were done in Dr Tillers Clinic than any that was a threat to the Mothers Life.The going price for an abortionwas 5,000dollars. I can't find any ELCA Pastors with tear in their eyes asking how we could just stand by and let this happen. The Monday after Dr. Tiller was shot two American soldiers were gunned down in Arkansas by a Muslim Terrorist. I searched for a letter of condolence from Bishop Hanson to the soldiers families like he sent to Dr. Tillers family. What a surprise that I couldn't find one. Lets not forget that 37 States outlawed what Dr. Tiller did. The former Govenor of Kansas had his trial record sealed so we will never know what horrors really came out at the trail. Dr Tiller gave huge donations to the Former Govenor of Kansas, the Democrat Party and the ELCA. I wonder if that had anything to do with their actions or lack of them.

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