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Eighth Commandment worth pondering

The start of summer is generally a time to slow down and relax a bit, and yet The Lutheran leads its June issue with a complex, potentially controversial article on Christian Zionism.

Our cover story ("Christian Zionism") arose out of the 2005 ELCA Churchwide Strategy for Engagement with Israel and Palestine. While the main players are Palestinian Arabs and Israeli Jews, Christian Zionists constitute a third party given their influence in some U.S. political circles.

Robert Blezard of Arendtsville, Pa., author of The Lutheran’s “Study guide” that accompanies each month’s cover piece, shared this with his editor: “This was a real toughie! Very complicated issue that does not lend itself to easy discussion.” (A condensed version of his guide is on page 24, the full text is available at www.thelutheran.org.)

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