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Serving seniors and youth

Not either/or for congregations

While I agree with Robert R. Cooper’s comments that we should better serve our congregations’ senior members (April, "My View: Go with what you have: Swap youth director for senior director"), this won’t attract many young families. Research has shown that the family is by far the most influential in a child’s faith journey. Congregations need to equip parents to take the lead in faith formation. We need to seriously consider where Christ is leading us and what he wants us to do. Serving seniors is important but passing on the faith is prime. Let some of those seniors respond to God’s call and become youth and family directors. I did, at age 58. I protested I was too old, too tired, too uncool and too busy. But God refused to accept my excuses.

Dick Pirwitz
Mauston, Wis.

Amen to change

Re. Cooper’s “My view,” all I can say is, “Amen and amen.” The congregation we attend has just hired its fifth youth director in the past 10 years and is working on its fourth contemporary service in as many years. Most of them have fizzled out. Each time they hire a new person, there’s trouble and more youth leave the church. Our congregation has all ages, with many older people. In each group there are many capable people ready and willing to work with young people. I’m not suggesting someone be hired to work with seniors. But after many failed attempts, something new should be tried.

Louise Moser
Littleton, Colo.

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