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Rooney wins

 After a lengthy search and auditions,  
 Rooney wins
After a lengthy search and auditions, Roanoke College, Salem, Va., picked its mascot—Rooney, a “maroon-tailed” hawk. Roanoke received more than 350 suggestions from students, alumni, faculty and others. Videos of rejected auditions, including a “rassler” and “rapscallions,” were posted at www.classiccollege.com.
Lutheran Southern Seminary, Columbia, S.C., will use a $100,000 grant from Concord, N.C.-based Charles A. Cannon Charitable Trusts to support operations ranging from faculty salaries to utility bills. Since 1987 the seminary has received nearly $1 million from the Cannon Trusts and Foundation. “The current economic challenge is a test for all of us and our institutions,” said Marcus J. Miller, seminary president. “It would be easy to become discouraged, but we continue to see generous and faithful friends like the Cannon Trusts support this ministry and work with their gifts.”

The Chronicle of Higher Education (Feb. 27) featured the Civic Innovations program at Wagner College, Staten Island, N.Y. The program connects academic departments with local agencies, allowing the agencies to benefit from college expertise, the students to benefit from direct connections to their coursework, and the community to benefit from the combined efforts of both the agencies and the college.

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