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'I take thee, Zion ...'

Like a finely tuned marriage, these congregations have survived the years many years

Since June has until recent years been the most popular month to marry, plenty of couples celebrate their anniversaries this month. But there are all sorts of anniversaries celebrating longevity — including churches.

St. Paul Lutheran Church, Nook, Pa.
St. Paul Lutheran Church, Nook, Pa. (left), and Port Royal [Pa.] Lutheran Church have been together for 164 years.
Last year, the ELCA affinity group on cooperative ministry went in search of the longest “married” congregations — those that had been together the longest in what is sometimes called “yoked” ministry.

Deborah A. Hanson, a member of the affinity group who also serves such a parish, said it falls in the category of “everything old is new again.”

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