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Presiding Bishop Anderson installed

Festive service draws throng of worshipers

Amid soaring music, colorful banners and a throng of 1,500 worshipers, H. George Anderson was installed as presiding bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America on Nov. 18 at Rockefeller Chapel on the University of Chicago campus.

"To you is being given the responsibility to teach the faith of the church and to lead us in our life and witness," retiring Bishop Herbert W. Chilstrom said to Anderson. "I ask you in the presence of God and of this assembly: Will you assume the office of bishop?"

Anderson replied, "I will, and I ask God to help me."

As the new bishop knelt before him, Chilstrom placed his hands on Anderson's head and put the bishop's cross around his neck. When Anderson stood, the leaders embraced and the crowd applauded.

Anderson then installed Kathy J. Magnus to her second term as ELCA vice president, Lowell G. Almen to his third term as secretary and Richard L. McAuliffe to his second term as treasurer.

Bishop April Ulring Larson of the La Crosse Area Synod preached at the service. She was runner-up to Anderson in voting at last summer's churchwide assembly.

Among ecumenical guests were Cardinal Joseph Bernardin of Chicago, representing the National Conference of Catholic Bishops; Lutheran World Federation General Secretary Ishmael Noko; and Archpriest Leonid Kishkovsky, ecumenical officer of the Orthodox Church in America.

Music throughout the service reflected the ELCA's diversity. Bible texts were read in English, Arabic, Norwegian, Swahili, Chinese, German and Spanish.

The next day, the ELCA Church Council adopted the title of "presiding bishop." Chilstrom had suggested the change.



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