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Wayfaring: A Gospel Journey in Everyday Life

Silf invites readers to an adventure of faith and prayer

In Wayfaring: A Gospel Journey in Everyday Life Margaret Silf invites us to an adventure of faith and prayer.

bogus captionAn ecumenical Christian working across denominational structures, Silf uses the Ignatian exercises as a framework to look at themes in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. She sees him as the “first cell of God’s kingdom on Earth” who “divided” himself, giving all he had to a small band of disciples.

She writes: “We could even call this first group of friends a ‘starter kit’ for the kingdom, as a lump of leavened dough starts the next loaf going. Now 2,000 years later, the circle of the kingdom has moved outwards unimaginably, and we are on its boundaries—called to continue that sharing ....”

Over and over, Silf makes it clear that God is becoming incarnate in our life stories today (Sorin Books, 2009).


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