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Synod assemblies begin

The proposed “Social Statement on Human Sexuality” and the “Report and Recommendations on Ministry Policies” were topics at synod assemblies held in April.

Northeastern Minnesota, April 24-26, Brainerd, Minn.:

• Asked the Churchwide Assembly to “gratefully receive” the “Report and Recommendations on Ministry Policies” from the ELCA “Studies on Sexuality” as a resource.

• Directed the Churchwide Assembly to ask churchwide units and offices to “develop resources for ministers and congregations who choose to do so to support same-gender relationships by holding them publicly accountable for promises of lifelong love and fidelity made before their faith-community.”

Arkansas-Oklahoma, April 24-26, Tulsa, Okla.:

• Asked the 2009 Churchwide Assembly to adopt both the proposed human sexuality social statement and the report and recommendations on ministry policies.

Alaska Synod, April 23-25, Soldotna, Alaska:

• Passed an environmental resolution concerning oceans and pollution caused by plastics.

Northern Texas-Northern Louisiana, April 24-26, Plano, Texas:

• Asked Church in Society to create a “Volunteer Suicide Prevention Ministry Task Force.”

• Requested that the church make appropriate military langua­ge and images available in worship resources.

• Asked the Churchwide Assembly to change its rules of procedure so that any motions coming before the assembly regarding a change in rostering policies or same-sex blessings require a two-thirds vote for adoption.

• Urged the 2009 assembly to adopt the proposed social statement on human sexuality. Declined to consider the report on ministry policies.

Reports submitted by Ann Hafften, Jillaine Henrich, Marilyn Hull, James Meimerstorf.


cece dayton

cece dayton

Posted at 11:10 am (U.S. Eastern) 5/27/2009

This is regarding the section N.Texas-N.Louisianna in synod assembly. 

One issue listed is 'Request that the church make appropriate military language and images available in worship resources'.  Could someone tell me what this is?  I take care of our church's military b-board with updates on family and friends in the military.

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