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In Wausau, Wis., Senior Luther League hasn't changed much

In the old days, parents dropped off their youth at church for Senior Luther League. Today at Immanuel Lutheran Church, Wausau, Wis., it wouldn’t be unusual for the sons or daughters of the Luther Leaguers to bring them to church. They are, quite literally, seniors.

John Rydell assists Alma Hagen during
John Rydell assists Alma Hagen during a tropical party at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Wausau, Wis., where she has been a member all her life.
When Pam Henkel began her ministry as Immanuel’s parish health coordinator some five years ago, one of her main responsibilities was to visit the older adults and manage a team of members to do the same. “I quickly realized that one of the biggest issues for most of these people is loneliness,” she said. So together with member Lynn Schoenleben and several other volunteers, Senior Luther League started meeting twice a month.

Some of the Luther Leaguers have been part of the congregation since they were young, but aging has isolated them from the church. Senior Luther League enables them to reconnect with friends, Schoenleben said.

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