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Under the canopy of grace

We call to God when we pray with the psalms

If you long for a way of speaking with God that is beyond the “Jesus, I just want to ...” kinds of prayers that we often hear in Bible study and prayer groups — you may find it as close as your Bible. In the psalms.

designpicsPrayers of the faithful of thousands of years ago, they answered my prayer for a way to pray that was honest, strong and full of imagery. I wanted to sense a profound connection to the foremothers and forefathers in this faith of ours. The psalms offered me all of that and more.

The psalms gave me permission to bring all of my life, every last bit of it, under the canopy of grace. The psalms gave me words when my mother died. They helped me intercede for friends who were going bankrupt in the ’80s. Not only did these ancient hymns offer praise and thanksgiving, they brought every aspect of human life to speech.

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