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Wis. girl missing; abduction feared

Jessyca L.A. Mullenberg, 13, was reported missing in mid-September while in Eau Claire, Wis., visiting her father. Jessyca, a member of Trinity Lutheran Church, Stevens Point, Wis., was last seen with Steven Oliver who was driving a 1986 blue Oldsmobile Calais.

Since Jessyca's disappearance, members of Trinity have created a Find Jessyca Fund, with proceeds going to generate fliers and posters. The church also set up a headquarters for volunteers to make phone calls and generate publicity.

"The congregation has been just great in helping," said John Beam, bishop of the East-Central Synod of Wisconsin. "The pastors are visiting her mother, Monica, three times a week around 8 p.m., just helping her bring the day to a close. I visited [Monica] recently, and she is holding up remarkably well and remains optimistic."

Jake Bourget, Jessyca's stepfather, said a local paper and a printing company donated their resources to create 5,000 posters that can be applied to the backs of semi-trucks.


Virginia Cook

Virginia Cook

Posted at 2:30 pm (U.S. Eastern) 8/21/2007

I just read the horrifying story of Jessyca Mellenberg's abduction. Also, I was so happy to find that she was rescued and is now living a good life and is recovering from her traumatic ordeal at the hands of a deviate perpetrator. I work in the field of sexual violence and really feel life is good when I see a victim come through something like this and begins to have a good life again.What a brave and wonderful young lady she is and I wish I could tell her how much I do admire her for her tenacity to become what she wants to be instead of what someone did to her! Its great to know she is going to be alright. I know she will have some tough times but I hope and pray she has support from loved ones and friends who can help her through those bad times, so she can begin to heal. Because she is innocent and someone with a sick mind tried to conquer a child and he didn't succeed. If you can contact her please show her my letter as I do want to tell her how proud of her I ,and those I work with are of her. Thank you. Virginia  Coolk,Sexual Assault Victims Services advocate, Medford Oregon.

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