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Alternative newsletter brings good news

The community in Chatfield, Ohio, wasn't coming to hear the good news at Nazareth Lutheran, so the church took the good news to the community.

Unlike "Nazareth Today," which is for members, "Good News from Nazareth" is an alternative newsletter for the unchurched people in the community. It was created by Edgar Schambach, the church's pastor, to help stop declining attendance.

"The glory days for the church are over," Schambach said. "It used to be our congregation could simply open the doors on Sunday and the people would flow in. We no longer can expect to see people hanging from the rafters as we once did."

The quarterly newsletter, which contains information about church activities and the congregation's importance to the community, are hand-delivered to area homes.

"Only one or two individuals have refused to accept a copy," Schambach said. "And members feel good about delivering it."


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