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The grace of Christmas

God's embrace of us is our model for living

More than 14 inches of rain fell within 24 hours last July in the community where I live. Storm sewers in the streets couldn't handle the volume, and 9 inches of water backed up through the drain in my basement floor.

The flooding soaked a number of boxes of family photos, mementos from high school and college, clippings of my early articles, love letters, our kids' letters from camp and the like. As I peeled apart the soaked items, I spent long hours reminiscing over 40 years of memories and irreplaceable pictures. The item I most regretted losing was my ordination picture because it included my father who preached at the service.

Christmas is probably the time of year when thoughts of family are closest. Everyone deserves to be with family at Christmas. Our three children and a grandchild will be with us, but our only remaining great-grandparent--my mother-- has decided, at age 92, that flying to Chicago is not for her anymore.

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