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Jesus' real face

When I was the editor of Metro Lutheran, I featured — on the front page — a photo of a stained-glass window in an ELCA congregation that depicted Jesus' ascension into heaven. An Episcopal reader wrote to complain that we Lutherans were perpetuating "Euro-ethnicism" in our representations of Jesus. He asked why we didn't show Jesus as a Middle Eastern peasant.

I'd seen just such a rendering of "how Jesus might have looked." It appeared in, of all places, Popular Mechanics. The December 2002 issue ran an article, "The Real Face of Jesus," which included a full-page, color "scientific reconstruction" — a short, ruddy-faced, dark skinned Eastern Mediterranean peasant with short, black, curly hair. I was shocked — even angry. But then I thought about it. Jesus surely didn't have pale white skin, long flowing hair and blue eyes. That sounds like a Scandinavian.

I bought the magazine and put it in my library amid books about understanding the New Testament. I didn't think much more about what Jesus might really have looked like until I opened Augsburg Fortress' new Lutheran Study Bible. There, on page 1548, is the Popular Mechanics Jesus.

It's seems appropriate now: Jesus' father was a carpenter. Why shouldn't a hands-on, do-it-yourself magazine for mechanically inclined men show us what the carpenter from Nazareth might realistically have looked like? Way back in 2002 I began to make my peace with the peasant Jesus depiction of God's Son. These days I rather prefer it to anything I see in stained glass in church windows. This is truly a Jesus for the rest of us. This Jesus is approachable. He is ordinary-looking, earnest, probably fun-loving — and, I'd guess, has dirt on his hands.

Today I much prefer the Jesus I see in the Lutheran Study Bible. What about you?


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