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Sunday school students raise $1,000 for ELCA World Hunger Appeal

Kids Create was a tasty service project at Our Saviour Lutheran Church, Christiansburg, Va. The Sunday school students raised $1,000 for the ELCA World Hunger Appeal. Here’s how:

bogus caption• Using anything edible, the youth created a tasty dish or creative food object. Parents were encouraged to help too.

• The youth sold tickets for $1 to parishioners, friends and families. Tickets were for voting, not to gain entrance to the festivities.

• After worship on Mother’s Day, everyone flocked to the fellowship hall to look over the creations — and dig in.

• Two bowls were placed next to each delicacy — one marked “tastiest” and one for “most creative.” Participants put tickets in the bowls to vote for their favorites. The more tickets they had, the more they could vote—that meant more money too.

• Trophies were awarded. Each child won a prize just for participating.

• The children used the ELCA Good Gifts catalog to select hunger projects to support with their $1,000.


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