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Directed by Mike Leigh, this is one of the best films, now in DVD, ever made about the spiritual practice of enthusiasm. The popular preacher Norman Vincent Peale once wrote: “There is real magic in enthusiasm. ... It gives warmth and good feeling to all your personal relationships. Your enthusiasm will be infectious, stimulating and attractive to others.”

Simon Mein/ Courtesy of Miramax Films
Poppy (Sally Hawkins) creates a world of fun for students in her geography class.
Thirty-year-old Poppy (Sally Hawkins) comes across as a playful child as she rides her bike through London, jumps on a trampoline or teaches school. She lights up the lives of the people around her. An osteopath who adjusts her back finds her to be a very grateful person. She tolerates the anger of a passionate flamenco teacher. A young boy at school who is tormenting other kids discovers that she’s a sympathetic soul. Poppy listens closely and is truly present to a homeless man who has trouble expressing himself.

Because she is such a free spirit, she does have trouble with one sister and a negative driving instructor. At one point, her flatmate says to her: “You can’t make everybody happy.” To which Poppy responds, “No harm in trying” (Miramax, 2009, R — for language).


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