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The Velveteen Rabbit

This family film, now in DVD, was inspired by Margery Williams’ 1922 children’s book that has enjoyed popularity through the decades. Directed by Michael Landon Jr., this movie is a mix of live-action and animation.

Brought to “life” by the tears of Toby
Brought to “life” by the tears of Toby (Matthew Harbour), who discovers him in a magic attic, Rabbit begins animated adventures with the boy that lead both to wishes come true.
Toby (Matthew Harbour) and his emotionally distant father have not been doing very well since the death of the boy’s mother. Now for the Christmas holiday, Toby finds himself dumped at the home of his elderly grandmother because his father is too busy to be with him. Forced to entertain himself, Toby discovers an attic that turns out to be a magical place. He finds a stuffed rabbit that comes alive through his imagination and leads him to an alternate world of multiple delights.

The Velveteen Rabbit
teaches us that loving is what makes us real (Starz/Anchor Bay, 2009, G).


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