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'Hey coach, I've got a Jesus question'

At this church, adults attend Sunday school, men teach

One of the first things you learn at Trinity Lutheran Church, Ashland, Ohio, is that Sunday school isn’t just for kids.

In fact, Sanford C. Mitchell, a pastor of Trinity for 31 years, calls adult Sunday school “the engine that pulls a congregation up the hill.”

Barry Bailey uses a Bible trivia game
Barry Bailey uses a Bible trivia game with fifth-graders at Trinity Lutheran Church Sunday school in Ashland, Ohio.
Trinity has not one but 15 adult Sunday school classes. Each fall between 350 and 400 members are in Sunday school — and more than half are adults. Not only that, but half of the children’s classes are taught by men. That includes high school, taught by Ashland University’s football coach Lee Owens. “They talk Jesus and football on a fairly sophisticated level,” Mitchell said.

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