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Faith lowers stress

Canadian researchers found that strong religious convictions can lower stress and enhance the performance of basic tasks.

Researchers measured 28 students’ levels of religious observance and stress caused by making mistakes on a test.

“The more religious they were, the less brain activity they showed in response to their own errors,” said Michael Inzlicht, an assistant psychology professor at the University of Toronto.

“They’re calmer when they make errors.” Also, the more religious zeal individuals showed, the better they did on the test.




Posted at 11:10 pm (U.S. Eastern) 6/10/2010

I pray to remind myself of how blessed I am to not be alone in my struggles and challenges.  Uncertainity and fear are lies told by the enemy to try and deceive me.  Today I claim that the darkness is only proof of the light coming sooner.  I can not allow stress to become part of the conversation.  That would be acknowledging that there is doubt.  If I trust GOD I needn't worry...and if I worry I am not trusting GOD.  Today I am grateful that I even have this awareness.  That awareness is far stronger than any doubt.  Thank you God for everything!

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