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ELCA structure review

The Church Council approved a process to study the “ecology of the ELCA,” requesting a report and recommendations at its April 2010 meeting.

ELCA Presiding Bishop Mark S. Hanson said he wished to “put all the questions on the table,” including “whether fewer synods are more effective,” the “size of the churchwide organization,” a larger Church Council, and “what belongs to congregations and what is most logically housed in synods or the churchwide” organization.

Hanson said Lutheran Church–Missouri Synod leaders are discussing sweeping reorganization. And Susan Johnson, national bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada, said the denomination is “looking at fewer synods and different ways of operating.”


Cherian Puthiyottil

Cherian Puthiyottil

Posted at 12:42 pm (U.S. Eastern) 4/28/2009

The gathering of believers in the early days of the Church was led by people who were excited and inspired by the vision of risen Christ. Today the Church needs leaders who are laying down their lives for their followers.

More offices and structures and hired positions are not working so far. Influence of Christianity is dwindling.

Let us organize laity volunteer teams in congregations. Train them with earnest followers of Jesus and his words. Trainers must be volunteers ,not hired experts or scholars.



Posted at 1:05 pm (U.S. Eastern) 4/29/2009

I agree.  The elca is already too much like a huge corporation where pastors defer to the dictates of the ELCA rather than to Scripture.



Posted at 9:05 am (U.S. Eastern) 5/1/2009

Find those filled with the Holy Spirit and people will be inspired.  Be genuine and people will follow.  Pray and ask for God's will to lead your life and you will see the miracles happen.

As the church goes through self-assessment let us remember the "FIRE" that started the Reformation.

Look around, the Reformation lives - let us bring the flock back to a Christ-centered LIFE.


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