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The way we were: 1950

 Photo courtesy Archives of the ELCA

Mission Builder volunteers William Brandt (left), Gerald Schroth and Robert L. Wietelmann (right), pastor of Good Shepherd Lutheran, Royal Oak, Mich., talk with the contractor (name unknown), who holds blueprints for the congregation's building.

This first team of Mission Builders was modeled after a group sent to (Papua) New Guinea to rebuild after World War II.

The former American Lutheran Church sent six young men to help construct buildings in Royal Oak; Winterset, Iowa; Phoenix; and Olathe, Kan.

The six who donated their labor for one year without wages, included (pictured at left) Brandt, Schroth, and (not pictured) Marvin Brandt, Raymond Brandt, Emory Knitt and Ralph Grummert.


Pr. Tom Scherger

Pr. Tom Scherger

Posted at 4:12 pm (U.S. Eastern) 8/6/2009

I'm the current pastor of Good Shepherd, Royal Oak, MI.  When we excavated two years ago to add an elevator to the building, the current contractor couldn't believe the strength and thickness of the concrete and the quality of the original construction of the building.  The Mission Builders built 'em to last!!

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