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The Bored Again Christian

Alternative Christian movement produces great music for worship

In the same way that the alternative/independent music scene has emerged as a creative response to a stale pop scene, there is an alternative Christian movement that is producing great music for worship and for enjoying on your iPod. The place to find these groups is on the Internet and the world of podcasting.

If you haven’t heard of podcasts before, just think of them as radio shows distributed over the Internet. While there are many places to find them, the easiest is iTunes (select the "podcast" tab). You’ll find The Bored-Again Christian: Christian Music For People Who Are Tired of Christian Music and the No. 1 Christian music podcast on iTunes. Host “Just Pete” puts together an eclectic mix of styles that you won’t hear on the radio (I recommend Episode 64: Wrestle With God). Groups like Spiritualized, The Hold Steady, and Wild Sweet Orange sing the gospel in ways that will connect you with the faith music of emerging generations.

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